What They Never Told You About Music

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Lacking a lil'joy in your life?!  Feeling a little down and out?!  Feeling like you could use a lift in spirit?!  Well, turn on some good'ol joyful up-lifting, and inspirational tunes.

Music has the ability to move your heart, frame your mind, and get you in the mood for action.  It's a simple yet powerful way to shift your perception and perspective to one of joy, peace, and prosperity.  With that said I think we should follow in the footsteps of Percy B. Shelley when he said, "I have drunken deep of joy, and I will taste no other wine tonight." 

Cultivate joy in your heart as much as you can and make music a much used tool in your arsenal as you do so.

Your life is full of demands, stress, and pressure that contend for your time, chip away at your attention, and siphon away your energy like a parasite feasting on it's host.  Thus, it's important that you implement and act on those nuggets of best practices that's going to continually keep you feeling powerful, peaceful, and prosperous.

Detox yourself from those negative feelings like worry and anxiety, and those fearful and tormenting thoughts that cause you to hesitate in action not living your dreams and destiny to the fullest potential!

Whether it be by listening to some inspirational tunes, taking a walk through a beautiful park, or getting around some positive family and friends, you must do it.

Your life has an expiration date. So, grab, take, and make those good times whenever possible. We already know that life has a long line of headaches to toss your way when you ain't looking right?!  Thus, it's essential that you turn on some good sound and start laying it on thick when comes to cultivating your heart with joy through music!

Live luxe!  Live Love!  Live long!

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